Pizza Party! Time To Fire Up The Pizza Oven.

Take the kitchen outdoors. Enjoy a summer celebration of friends and family with a true gastronomic experience, throw a wood-fired pizza party. Involve everyone in chopping, rolling and slicing as you reward them with platters of antipasto and glasses of favorite wine. The velvety feel of warm dough and pungent aroma of fresh herbs, spices, […]

Wood Fired Pizza – Jamie Oliver

“Homemade pizza dough makes all the difference – topped with sausage meatballs, broccoli and fennel, this is epic!”. Once you’ve tried this easy pizza dough recipe, you’ll never look back (trust me) ”.
Jamie Oliver.

Perfect Pizza

Check out this comprehensive article on the history of wood fired pizza and tips from the masters for your next pizza masterpiece. “Taste of the great outdoors: No foodie’s garden is complete without a wood-fired pizza oven!”

Preparing your oven

Our ovens will make great pizza for years to come but it is very important that your fire has been burnt in first to ensure the paint is completely cured. Download the complete instructions for the initial burn here.

How to cook In an Aurora

This method has been perfected over many Friday afternoon staff drinks & pizza’s here at Aurora.
Step 1: Get a big fire going and allow the firebox to heat right up.
Step 2: Put your pizza stone…

Russell’s Wood Fired Pizza – SBS

Wood fired pizza has a unique flavour and texture due to the intense heat. Russell only needs to cook the pizzas in his wood fired oven for 2 minutes! Regardless of the oven you are going to cook in Russell has a few tips for this recipe. He recommends keeping the ingredients to a minimum […]

A huge list of proven tips on firewood & fire starting

To operate your wood heating system efficiently, you must have confidence that it is safe. Efficient operation means burning each load of wood hot for a short period. Worries about safety can force you to keep temperatures too low . . .

Interior Design Ideas – Torq Design

INTERIOR DESIGN IDEAS – By Torq Design. Check out this design from concept to completion, an initial sketch showing client a 3D visual design of the space followed by an image of this amazing blue metallic fireplace installed and functional.             This contemporary home in Kurrajong is the work of […]

Ode to a Fire

A fire on the hearth represents a piece of the sun which was stored in heart of the earth’s ecosystem.   As a fire burns, we should delight in the life it brings to our homes as we should delight in the life once generated by the trees in the forest as they collected the […]