Luxury Suspended Fireplaces

Australian made since 2014

10 year warranty

A collection of Iconic Genesis

As Australia’s No.1 selling suspended fireplace company on its design, price, heat out-put and functionality, our ongoing mission is to create the ultimate in luxury suspended fireplaces.

captivatingly elegant

Aurora’s hanging fireplaces are captivatingly elegant in design, the ultimate luxury feature for your home. Meticulously handcrafted in our manufacturing facility in Australia, every hanging fireplace is unique.

The Milai
The MILAI contemporary and environmentally friendly bioethanol fireplace is not only elegant with its pedestal stand, it creates harmony with refined, and an almost minimalist look, while having the ability...
The Zentai
The beautifully hand crafted Zentai has been designed to excite and captivate, while creating a grand presence in any living space. Enhancing the ambience and warmth with functional style and...
The Hearth
The Hearth suspended fireplace offers a modern expression of beauty in simplicity. It’s design effectively combines functionality and art. This modern fireplace is designed to suit your lifestyle and contemporary...
The Elemental
The Elemental Bioethanol Fireplace is dramatically suspended with it’s square flue emerging from the ceiling transforming its aesthetic appeal in any space. The Elemental’s retrospective design definitely cultivates inspiration with...
The Aether
The Aether suspended fireplace is available as both wood burning or bioethanol fuelled and will rotate 360 degrees. This Australian made suspended fireplace enables you to finish off your indoor or...
The Marino
The luminous depth of this marine grade Stainless Steel Aurora Aether fireplace is so alluring, with its luxurious functionality and ability to rotate 360 degrees, which combines not only excellent...
The Evolve
The NEW Evolve is elegant and seamlessly refined with its slim silhouette.The Evolve is an ideal solution for apartments and living areas with limited spaces. Breathtakingly sophisticated with its proportional...

Uniqueness is our success

Creating enduring, awe- inspiring suspended fireplaces for design conscious homeowners, architects, builders and designers, is what we aspire to achieve.

Unique suspended fireplaces

Pursuing perfection

Every suspended fireplace that is hand crafted bearing the AURORA name is customised with the vision of luxury.

Practicing sustainability

The choice of materials we use in our manufacturing holds enormous importance to our manufacturing operations in Australia. AURORA was founded on engineering expertise, combined with locally Australian made materials and systems, to create a new level of innovation, flexibility and luxurious quality.

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