Architectural Product News Editor’s picks: top products of 2015

We are honoured to be selected amongst the top products of 2015 by Architectural Product News Magazine! Read the full article below:

“We’ve explored some clever products and exciting innovations this year! In celebration of outstanding design we’ll be revisiting some of the year’s highlights over the coming weeks. Here is a selection of the best – from lighting and furniture to metal finishes, suspended fireplaces and more.

Free-hanging fireplaces from Aurora Wood Fires not only warm interiors, they also serve as design focal points.

Aurora Wood Fires, an Australian-owned family business in Byron Bay, NSW, has announced that bespoke and high-quality suspended fireplaces are now available in Australia. These contemporary fireplaces are unique and functional pieces of art that draw people together and provide comfort and beauty.

Aurora Wood Fires’ free-hanging fireplaces have a 360 degree rotating design, offering elegance and versatility. The designer fireplaces are created to suit the Australian lifestyle and contemporary homes, adding warmth and soul to interior spaces”.

Architectural Product News 2015.