We want to be part of the solution in saving our planet


Our approach to our environment, collectively combines all of our manufacturing and our focuses are on 6 key areas in the business:

Our transparency as a leading Australian manufacturing company is to report each year on the progression of our sustainability plan measuring our environmental and social impact.

We are totally focused on investing in renewables, and most of all to work towards lessening our demand as a company for energy in the first place.

We believe at AURORA that these principles will help to guide our decisions and move us toward creating no unnecessary harm through our business operations, navigating and helping us to grow, build the best product, and not cause any unnecessary harm to the planet.

Aurora Suspended Fires was created in the Northern Rivers of Byron Bay and as an Australian company we are always inspired by our local community.
Always striving to do good by supporting our local region in all things that involve the environment, sustainability in our area, and building a conscious business that cares.
We believe that we can be a company that creates for the good of our environment


For every fireplace we sell, we plant 10 trees!


  • Improve energy efficiency through our  energy reduction strategy
  • Balance of our carbon emissions to achieve carbon neutrality through Gold Standard certified carbon offsets.

  • Work towards becoming carbon neutral certified with the Australian Government Carbon Climate Active standard by 2025.

  • Be an active player in supporting industry moves toward carbon neutral steel manufacturing in Australia

  • Publish annual carbon reports to hold ourselves publicly accountable


  • Work towards only using cardboard packaging that is FSC certified
  • Optimise waste management in production and administration and waste sorting and disposal
  • Continue to focus on recycling of all steel waste material and other recyclables
  • We will seek to reduce and eventually eliminate non biodegradable packaging materials as suitable replacements become available
  • Continue to use Australian manufactured steel – a fully recyclable product
  • Continue to focus on high quality and long lasting products.


  • Use our business to implement and inspire solutions to the environment crisis in years to come.
  • From 2021 we will give back to the Planet and support the planting of trees through Carbon Neutral where we support reforestation and restoring biodiversity.
  • Reduce toxicity in our manufacturing process (including in relation to paints and solvents) and aim to use enviro-friendly substitutes, seeking GECA certification by 2023
  • Commitment to Carbon neutral freight by 2025 and environmental best practice in our packaging.
  • We will explore the steps to set up our own environmental and social impact foundation as our business grows.


  • We are dedicated to always improving conditions for our employees, suppliers, partners in business, and creating a brand that has an amazing culture and impact on the environment.
  • Ensure our products are fully recyclable
  • Manufacturing in a regional area of Australia – creating employment and spin off benefits to our local value chain


Our vision is to be at the forefront of sustainable manufacturing in Australia and be known as a leader in our industry for quality and sustainability. 

Our philosophy to business should not add to global problems but instead be able to contribute in a positive way to the planet.  Aurora would like to achieve this through our local community in the Northern Rivers and through our global actions. 

Aurora is committed to these changes by 2025