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Spring Sale Extended!

Save Up To $1500 On Your Aurora Until 16th Oct

Save Up to $1500 on your Aurora!

Aurora Spring Sale – Two Ways To Make It Happen

Option 1:

Pay your $2000 deposit by 16th Oct to save $1000 on your Aurora Suspended Fireplace.

Not ready to install yet?

Don’t have all the cash right now?

Have to build a roof first?

No problem at all.

To lock in this great price, all you need to do is pay your $2000 deposit by 16th Oct.

The balance is not due until you let us know you’re ready for your fire to be shipped.

Up to two years to finalise your order.

Option 2:

Ready to receive your fireplace soon? 

Pay your $2000 deposit by 16th Oct and take delivery by 31st Oct to save $1500 on your Aurora.


The Aether or The Hearth? Wood, Bioethanol or a Hybrid?

Having trouble deciding which one is right for you? We’ve put them all into one brochure for you.


Order Form

Send this order form to: admin@aurorasuspendedfires with as much info as you have right now.

You can leave section two blank for now if needed as we don’t need your exact measurements until two weeks prior to shipping.


Installation Planning - Floor Protectors



Order Now

To secure your Aurora at this great price please complete this form and we’ll send you a Tax Invoice for the deposit.

We’ll also need your completed order form at least 2 weeks before your desired delivery date.

Ordering, Planning & Measurement Form

Download the Aurora Order Form AU/NZ

                                                                               Download the Aurora Order Form for The UK & Europe

Have some questions before you order? Get in touch here.