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Upgrade Your Aurora

Compliment your existing wood fuelled suspended fireplace with an EcoSmart burner and use your fireplace all year round!

We’ve made it simple to upgrade your wood suspended fireplace to a bioethanol/wood hybrid.

Our EcoSmart upgrade kit includes:

  • Your choice of EcoSmart bioethanol burner: XS340 or the XL500
  • Custom made grate
  • EcoSmart safety accessory kit to make operation safe and simple (extendable lighting rod, lighter, and no-spill refilling jerry can)

When you wish to burn bioethanol you simply remove the wood grate and insert your bioethanol burner & grate. This is a great option for those who are looking for an occasional ambient alternative to the power of their wood fire.

Visit our fuel choices page for more information on bioethanol fuel.

EcoSmart XS340: $1,245 AUD + GST

EcoSmart XL500: $2,390 AUD + GST *only available with the Aether*

The price packages above include the following:

  • Custom Made Grate
  • EcoSmart bioethanol burner of your choice
  • EcoSmart no-spill refilling jerry can & adaptor
  • EcoSmart extendable lighting rod
  • EcoSmart lighter

The Aether or The Hearth? Wood, Bioethanol or a Hybrid?

Having trouble deciding which one is right for you? We’ve put them all into one brochure for you.

Download the Aurora Suspended Fires Brochure

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