Aurora Suspended Fires, Neil and Chloe

Our Story

It all started with family; and our mission to build the perfect family home.

We both grew up in homes with fireplaces and wanted to continue the family fireplace traditions our parents created with us. We were looking for a fire that looked right in a modern home and had a lot of soul. Our quest for the perfect fireplace unearthed plenty of great options but none that perfectly fit our home or our budget.

We set out to make our own perfect fireplace and along the way discovered that other people thought it was perfect too.

So we got serious.

Using Neil’s engineering background, we created two stunning suspended fireplace designs. We hired a brilliant team and worked together to apply the latest technologies and engineering innovations to create our range. The result? Quality fires that are built to last.

Neil & Chloe

Good for people and the planet

Aurora Suspended Fires - Clean Heat

Clean Heat

Bioethanol fuel is a sustainable solution in so many ways:

Bioethanol is an eco friendly fuel that burns clean and has a minimal carbon footprint.

Unlike fossil fuels, bioethanol isn’t a finite fuel source, which means it’s renewable.

The fact that no flue or chimney is needed means most of the heat generated stays in the room.

Visit the EcoSmart site for more info on bioethanol fuel.

Feel good about heating with wood

Residential wood-fire heating has scored a better environmental rating from the NSW Government, alleviating the concerns of many homeowners about the ecological implications of wood heaters.

According to the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) system, residential wood-fire heating scores a better environmental rating than gas or electricity.

It’s a renewable energy resource. Renewable means you don’t run out. Wood is energy from the sun, stored by the tree as it grows. When you burn wood, you are releasing this stored energy. In the dark of winter, it’s like having a bit of summer sun on your hearth. more


As individual consumers, one of the best things we can do to reduce our footprint is to buy products that don’t need to be replaced. That’s why we build durable products that last.

Because they last longer, their environmental impacts are spread across a longer timeframe.

We are constantly working to improve on the materials we use to ensure we are truly making the most durable, long-lasting products.

When you choose an Aurora your fireplace becomes an investment that saves money – and helps save the planet over time.


Growing up in country our family home always had a fireplace. It’s the one thing I missed most when I moved to the city. It’s so great having that feeling again and the best part is it’s also a stunning piece of art. Thanks Aurora.

Michael Roberts Sydney, Australia

It's the first thing anyone notices when they come in our house, they come in the front door and they say 'wow'.

Kate Nicholson Lennox Head, Australia.

The customer service at Aurora was impressive, they assisted throughout the process from concept to completion. The result – this amazing blue metallic fireplace, installed & functional.

Tania Tuckerman Tweaq Design

I just really look forward to the ritual of coming home every day and lighting the fire and stoking it.

Luke Nicholson Lennox Head, Australia

We love our fire! We have an Aether and it was well worth the money. It warms our house and everyone comments on the amazing design.

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